Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kay Arthur's Message of Famine in America

I have had comments and questions concerning my post on Kay Arthur's message concerning famine in America.

To clarify, Kay warned that this country is in grave danger. She said it repeatedly and I got goosebumps every time she said it. She read many, many scriptures which warned that God will bring judgement upon a nation who sins against him. Judgement in the form of famine, plague, and sword. She didn't actually say that God is sending a famine upon this nation. What she did say was that we should all fall flat on our faces before him and repent. That we should pray fervently for our nation which is in GRAVE DANGER. That we pray His wrath would turn from us if we will humble ourselves and seek His face.

I wish her transcript would be published. She spoke the word of God powerfully and with authority- the message the Lord laid heavily on her heart to share. A message she admitted she did not want to bring - she brought it through weeping and great pain. She looked as though she could and would collapse at any moment - Satan did not want her to bring that message. She has posted a prayer guide on her website.


Please feel free to ask questions. I would encourage you to read God's word (Joel, Amos, Hosea, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel - all the prophets, really - Matthew 24, Revelation 18) and pray that he will give you wisdom and discernment - that He would lay His will upon our hearts.


Anonymous said...

You said the same thing over again.

Anonymous said...

Famine is at America's door...








Anonymous said...

What is happening is a move to separate those who trust in God from those who don't. Mark of the beast as it were.
If we love our life we will lose it. Countless believers do not know how to function without comforts but they are being removed. Loss of ease, loss of comfortable living, loss of abundance in all areas of life and no one will remain unaffected by it. Then you will see the coming of the false messiah full of promises and lies. But many who call themselves Christian will embrace the false messiah.

Anonymous said...

While you give only a small part of the big picture, it is clearly a part of the picture of what is facing us in the days ahead.

The book, "DISCOVERY TO CATASTROPHE" by Wood gives some spiritual and biblical background to what we are soon to face. When my students ask if B. Obama is the anti-Christ, I say I sincerely doubt it -- but is clearly setting the mechanisms in place which the anti-Christ will use.

We MUST get ready, it will be worse than we can begin to imagine.

Son of Liberty