Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All the way from Nottingham!!!

Yesterday, I received my very first international package.

I was so excited to open it and discover the goodies inside.

My sweet blogging friend, Ann, made these amazing items. A cute Christmas chicken (which Sara Lynn has laid claim to), a needle case, and a beautiful bag.

The stitches are perfectly sewn and the yellow floral fabric is amazing.
I can hardly wait to tuck my needles and thread into those cozy little pockets.

I am absolutely in love with the items.
Thank you so very much, Ann!
I will treasure them always...


Ann said...

Thanks for doing this lovely post Melissa, and yes, it is such fun to receive packages from overseas!!!

Berit said...

I was also lucky enough to get a little sewing set from Ann, though I didn't post about it yet--I'm such a villain!! I really must get on with it!!

Yours are quite beautiful, and I love the cute little chicken!