Friday, August 14, 2009

Afternoon Harvest

I'm already planning my weekend menus after bringing in these goodies from my garden. I gathered a few Mountain Pride heirloom tomatoes, some cherry tomatoes, as well as some okra, an eggplant, and a cucumber. My green beans have been producing furiously over the last couple of weeks. And they are sooo delicious!

I had to show you Sara Lynn's plate - it's a favorite. I found it at Thanksgiving a couple years ago, but we use it all the time. The compartments are great and the farm scene is irresistable. I believe she eats a little better when she uses this plate because she's trying to see the turkeys, pumpkins, and that cute red barn.

I have an amazing recipe for Eggplant casserole that I'll share soon. It's one my grandmother would make when I was young, and we all ate it up not knowing it had eggplant in it. Kid's can be so funny about trying new vegetables!

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