Sunday, August 9, 2009

Open House

It hit me this morning that I've never given you a tour of my home. How rude of me! Let's get to it...

This is my kitchen, which I'm really going to miss. We had granite installed this summer, and I love the durability and aesthetic it provides.

Stained glass cabinetry... it doesn't get much better in my humble opinion.

The dining room and foyer have awesome natural light. There's a skylight at the top of the stairs.

The living room, which is never this neat. (There are toys strewn about at this very moment!)

The master bedroom...

...and master bath. I'm seriously going to miss that tub.

And the shower, which has dual shower heads. Have I mentioned how handy my honey is around the house?

This is the upstairs bathroom which belongs to the kiddos.

Daniel's room.

And Sara Lynn's room. We have a forth bedroom, which we use as a playroom, but I didn't take a picture of it because the little ones utilized every single toy that day! I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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cynthia said...

thanks for trying to get back to me! i had forgotten that i had put on the privacy deal on that blog.

here is a link to my xanga where i posted a pic of the dress. you were right... the neck hole was rather large. i would like to make a light denim version and applique a felt apple on it for fall. if i do, the dress will be shorter and the neck hole smaller!

what i ended up doing was sewing that "tab" onto one side, and then doing one button hole on it and a button on the other side of the dress. i was concerned about my daughter outgrowing the dress too quickly.

thanks again for your willingness to help!!

hershpinkmeow dot xanga dot com :)