Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kentucky Wonder Goodness

Green beans are a staple at our kitchen table. It's a vegetable that we all love to eat, which I'm sad to say, isn't a common occurrence in our household. My husband and daughter are somewhat (okay, very!) picky eaters. But we can all agree on green beans.

It's bean a difficult year for growing vegetables around here. We had torrential downpours throughout the spring. I wasn't able to plant my summer veggies until the first week in June. And then, June was hot and dry. But fortunately, we had a cool snap (which was the first I can ever remember in my whole life of living in Alabama) in July, and my garden was rejuvenated. The Kentucky Wonder pole beans are thriving.

I planted butternut and Hubbard squashes, as well as pumpkins. They require a long growing season and should be ready to harvest in October. And I also planted yellow squash and zucchini. I've only harvested one yellow squash out of the 8 (that's right, e-i-g-h-t) plants I'm growing. My watermelons, cantaloupe, and cucumbers aren't doing so hot either. I'm not sure what's going on, but several of my neighbors are struggling as well. Strangely enough, my okra and eggplants are doing great.

I am thankful for what we are able to harvest, knowing that it is good and wholesome food for my family. Some how, vegetables that we have planted, watered, nurtured and picked just taste better to us. And I find that my children are much more willing to try new vegetables when they have been a part of that process.

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