Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meet the Girls

We're finally getting fresh, organic eggs everyday from the girls! We have 6 hens, and each hen lays an egg approximately every other day. So, we get about 3 eggs per day. Raising chickens has been one of the most fulfilling and fun experiences we have shared as a family.

They are much easier to keep than I imagined. Really, they require very little care. We change their bedding (pine shavings) a couple times a month and feed them leftovers and garden rejects in addition to their feed. They love tomatoes, grapes, and watermelon! We did invest in an automatic waterer/feeder to simplify our daily routine. But that's about it.

We raised these beautiful girls from day-old chicks we purchased at our local farmer's cooperative. All you really need is a large cardboard box, a heat lamp, pine shavings, and chick starter feed. We were able to purchase all of the supplies at the coop as well. If your interested, go to

The result: beautiful, delicious, organic eggs.

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