Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loving Montessori


Before Christmas, Montessori had their annual Musical Review to showcase the talents of these precious little musicians. Sara Lynn loves music, and Mrs. Sabrina (who does an outstanding job with the music program) has fast become one of her favorite people. 


I can’t imagine a better place for Sara Lynn to spend her day. We’ve been richly blessed by the Montessori teaching philosophy and the gifted teachers at Sara Lynn’s school. Often, out of the blue, Sara Lynn will proclaim to me, “I love my school, mommy!” That makes it easier on a momma’s heart who works everyday.


And I absolutely love that these little guys were able to perform in our laps. That’s Montessori for you. A natural way to learn. And, wise. They’d have probably ended up in our laps before the show’s end anyway!

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