Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Showers... May Flowers!

It has been cold, dreary, and overcast here the past few days. We even had a freeze warning last night. Let me tell you - that usually doesn't happen to us in Alabama during the month of April. It has been a shock to my system (and my family's - my oldest is home from school today with a sore throat and the little one is coughing) after enjoying weeks of gorgeous 80 degree days. I know, I shouldn't complain... I've seen the snow some of you are still enduring up north.

Kimona Red Celosia, Melampodium (yellow), Black Dragon Coleus, and Lilac Madness Petunias.

Fortunately for me, this cold snap will be out of here by tomorrow and I'll be able to get my hands dirty again. It's amazing to me how happy I feel when I'm digging, and pruning, and watering, and weeding. It's good for the soul. Gardening makes me happy. And when I'm happy, I'm a better mother. And a better wife. And a better friend. A better me.

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