Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meet My Princess

This is Sara Lynn. She is my princess, but she came into the world with the idea that she should be queen. I'm serious. She really wants to rule the roost around here. But we love her dearly, and probably let her get away with more than she should. We just can't seem to help ourselves when it comes to spoiling her. She's just so stinking cute!

She's at that stage where she wants to do everything for herself. She climbed in that great-big swing all by her little self. What a sense of accomplishment she must have felt! In the picture, she's looking around to see if anyone was watching... would hate for anyone to have missed her moment of glory!

Here she is in her very own car. She thinks it's just like mommy's and doesn't understand why she can't go anywhere she wants to. I really must keep my eye on this one... she'd be off to the fabric store without me. We both love shopping for fabric, and yarn, and other pretty things.

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