Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vertical Stripe Afghan WIP

Oh, I love these colors! This is an afghan I started last week using this tutorial from Bella Dia. It is an amazingly simple pattern that is fun and easy. It uses only 3 stitches - chain, single crochets, and double crochets. I made mine using a chain of 300 instead of the suggested 250 because I thought it looked a little short. Now, I wish I'd stuck with the shorter chain - it takes me about 30 min. to do a single row - and it looks a little long. Ha! It's all good, though. I'm still excited about these colors. And it's better to have a blanket that's too big rather than too small, right? You really should give this pattern a try.

This blanket is for my daughter... my son wants to know when I'll make him one. Looks like I'll be crocheting for a while! It's a good thing I found a pattern I like. Happy crocheting!

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