Sunday, February 1, 2009

Easy as pie... Holly Jumper by Bonnnie Blue Designs

I love this pattern. I've blogged about it before, but I thought this easy as pie pattern deserved another mention. After all, it is resposible for bringing my sewing machine out of hibernation. This is the first project I've finished in quite some time. I finished it in about an hour. Gotta love it!

I should warn you about one thing though - this pattern runs WAY on the small side. I sewed a size 5 for my daughter who currently wears a 3t. It fits her very well with a wee bit of growing room... which is always a good thing for toddlers. Don't they seem to grow an inch overnight? I can hardly wait until it is warm enough to slip this cute dress on my little sweetie. Oh Spring, where art thou?

On another note, my husband gave me a new MP3 player for Christmas. I have yet to load any music on to it. I actually just opened the package this afternoon. Yes, I am ashamed. I believe I'll head on over to iTunes and remedy this situation... See you soon.

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