Monday, March 8, 2010

Almost Spring


We’re in countdown to Spring mode around here lately.


The pear trees are on the verge of flowering.


The fig trees and their early buds survived our crazy, snowy weather last month.


An old pail stands ready after years of collecting figs. We’re incredibly happy to be here.


Even the plum and apple trees have sent out buds in anticipation of warmer days ahead.


My raised beds (look deep into the background) have been built and filled with composted garden soil. This hill of red clay dirt epitomizes Alabama. You can’t go very far around here without seeing some of this stuff. I love to look at it, but it doesn’t grow the best vegetables.


And here’s my sweet Sara Lynn, playing at dusk in her pajamas… just because it was a gorgeous day we didn’t want to end. I hope your weekend was as beautiful as ours! Even my husband’s tonsillectomy on Friday couldn’t keep us down. Thank God for liquid painkillers! : )


Sue said...

I hope all went well with the operation and recovery.
Wow, how do you grow anything in that clay?

melissa sews said...

Sue, the patient is doing great! Thanks for your thoughts.

That red clay was hauled in to build up our driveway. We've had a very rainy winter and needed to do a little maintenance. We also had some composted garden soil delivered for my raised beds. The dirt here is heavy clay, prairie type soil. We can grow corn, peas, and turnips in this dirt, but must used raised beds for the rest! :) Melissa

Ann said...

Glad he's doing ok, it's a nasty operation but makes a big difference to their health afterwards.

It's still very cold and we are getting a lot of frosts, the bird's water bowl is frozen most days, looks lovely in Alabama!

I made the bread, did it a bit too wet but I'm still learning, haven't tasted it yet, it's still cooling.

melissa sews said...

Ann, if it's a little gooey for your taste, try toasting slices. We love it with butter and jam. Keep trying, you'll get it right! It's definitely worth the effort, IMHO. That first time is always the hardest. :)Melissa