Wednesday, March 10, 2010



I dropped my beloved Nikon last week, so I’m on the hunt for another camera today. I’m thinking about splurging on my first DSLR, but I’m undecided at this point. I’ve really enjoyed my P90… it was a great camera that served me well. My only complaint was the quality of low-light shots. They turned out quite grainy.

Decisions, decisions. What’s a girl to do?

On another note, I came across an older gentlemen selling this Yellow Root Tea. I don’t imagine I’ll drink it, but it was an interesting local find. What can I say… I’m a sucker for the unusual!


Ann said...

Thanks for the sour dough advice Melissa. I checked out that website and it seems that I need to experiment a bit before I get the type of bread I'll like. I know I made this first batch much too wet so next time I won't put so much water into the mix. I really enjoyed the flavour though. I also really enjoyed the process of making the starter.

melissa sews said...

I hope you find a loaf you like... there were so many on I'm sure I'll be trying a few myself. :) Melissa