Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Idyllic Spring Weekend


When it finally stopped raining, we promptly headed to our local Farmer’s Coop. We came home with several varieties of onions to plant and… We are now the proud owners of 18 (EIGHTEEN!) baby chicks. Much fun was had this first day of spring.


Sammy didn’t know what to think of all the chirping. One thing’s for sure… We’re going to have to watch her around those chicks!


Just so you know, when the sun finally made an appearance late Thursday evening, after being cooped up in the house all week, we didn’t hesitate to get out there in our pajamas!


Eww… Worms! I don’t hate ‘em. I just don’t want to touch them.


Fish were caught.

My Crocs

Crocs were worn.


We laughed.


My littlest love picked me many flowers.


Chalk pictures were created.


Isn’t she adorable? My little climber bit the dust this week. Ended up with a strawberry across that sweet little cheek. Poor baby.


I started 100 seedlings. Whew! I’m glad this was something I could do sitting down.


A front porch swing was a welcome addition to our little farm.


Ground cherries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and celery were all seeded.


I love to use Jiffy Peat Pellet Greenhouses. They make starting seeds easy and they are inexpensive. I always save mine to use the next year because you can buy refill pellets. You can get them anywhere that sells seeds or plants.


I use seed starting mix for the transplants I want to allow to get larger before transplant, like tomatoes. And I like to wet it before I add the seeds. Much easier that way.


I was glad to have a garden helper today. Thanks, Daniel!


When our work was done, we gave the swing a little test drive.

It’s a keeper!


After Sara Lynn fell, and hurt her cheek, I asked her what would make her feel better. I was thinking of the boo-boo bunny (a clever little ice pack) or maybe a kiss. Nope. She wanted pretty toes… That’s my girl!

Garage Mess

This is what we should have been doing this week. Cleaning out all the odds and ends from the garage. I mean, really. We’ve been here 6 months!!!


All in all, I’d say this was a wonderful Spring Break. I hope your first day of Spring was as fabulous as ours.

Just a note, I may be a little scarce around here over the next week or two. I’m having surgery again Monday. I have another ruptured disc in my neck. Please say a little prayer for me that I will be healed of this pain very soon. I have so many things that I want to do! And many things that I need to do.


maurakeith said...

Hello Melissa! Thank you for stopping by my little Blog this was nice to 'see' you! I wrote a comment backto you but I thought I'd just come over to your blog an take a look around and say HELLO. I LOVE your pond! That's my dream for the future...a pond (only much smaller than yours) with a windmill that works. One day...I'll have to be patient as we have SO many things to fix here on the farm. Congratulations on your chick purchase! If you've never had chicken'll LOVE them. We only have 7 adults left but early this week there will be 63 (?) fluffy little chicks peeping away in the garden shed. I am enjoying reading your blog and I see you have another one...I'll look at that one sometime too! Enjoy your your dog (we've lost3 chickens to ours and they're not even bird dogs!) and have fun down on your farm. Take care..Maura :)

Melissa said...

Maura, I'm so glad you stopped by! We love living here. We had always dreamed of living on a farm, too. And we're very blessed to be right around the corner from the grandparents. I can't imagine a better place to raise children.

I appreciate your chicken advice. I could tell right away that we'll have to take precautions. I hope you have fun with your chicks, too! :) Melissa

Ann said...

Thinking of you today Melissa, hoping your surgery goes to plan.

Melissa said...

I appreciate your well wishes, Ann. The surgery went well, and I'm at home resting. : ) Melissa

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