Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decision made: Canon EOS Rebel XS


It’s a done deal. I am now the owner of a Canon EOS Rebel XS. It came with two lenses, bonus Canon bag, and an in depth instruction manual (which I will rely heavily upon!) I’m excited about learning to use this DSLR camera, but must admit that it is a bit intimidating. So, if my shots around here over the next few weeks are less than perfect… you’ll know why!


Tonight, I’ve folded my favorite quilt, put away my flannel pajamas, and settled  into my favorite chair wearing springtime pajamas. The windows and screened doors are open, and it feels so good to have a comfortably cool breeze blowing through the house. This amazingly beautiful, 75 degree day has motivated me to learn to use this camera in record time.


All of the trees show visible budding, and I can hardly wait to plant my spring garden! I’m ready, are you?


Will and Mary Frances Stanford said...

How fun to have a new camera! Right now, I'm working with a really nice canon elf digital camera. I've told Will that I want to get a really good camera by the time that we have kids!! I was looking at pictures of ya'lls farm... love it! It's so beautiful, and I can't wait to see your garden!

melissa sews said...

Mary Frances, I'm having so much fun with my new camera! And it's been a relief that it's easier to use than I imagined. I agree, having kiddos and a good camera go hand in hand. My munchkins are out for spring break next week, so we're finally planting the garden. Should be a fun week around here! :) Melissa

Ann said...

Good luck with the camera!

It was about 48F here today, much better than it has been for ages. I did manage to get onto my veg plot for half an hour and have plans for this week too.

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