Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It’s raining, it’s pouring…


And the kids are NOT snoring. This Spring Break is quickly turning into a wash-out. I enjoy a good rainy day now and again, but this is a bit much. It was nice out yesterday, and we did get out and do a bit of garden shopping. Asparagus, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, kiwis, and raspberries were purchased. But, poor Sara Lynn just declared that this day was boring.


This is the second rainy day this week… and it’s just Wednesday!We had such high hopes of spending this week outside getting the garden beds planted, doing a bit of fishing, and jumping on the trampoline. Oh, well. It’ll all have to wait.


We’ve had fashion shows…


Played more video games than I usually allow…


Baked some Apple Oat Muffins


Enjoyed a tea party or two…


These muffins are really good. And good for you, too.

Go make some already! They’re super easy.


I love the way rain looks coming down across the water.


And I’m ecstatic now that the pear trees are in bloom. Now, if only the sun would make an appearance, we could get outside and enjoy this delicious taste of spring. Meanwhile, I’m off to do some puzzles with these antsy kids of mine.


maurakeith said...

Melissa...I forgot to compliment you on your cute little ones!!! Loved the pretty toes in the later post..that was so cute. Hope her 'strawberry' is better today. Shortly we'll be putting in a veggie garden...I have my seeds (some heirloom) and I've started tomatoes and cabbage a while back so I'm excited. Oh my ...I wish our fruit tree's were blooming but then again it's for the best as we just had a little snow storm Friday night into Saturday as you've already read. Last year the previous owners didn't see very many lilac blooms on the 2 groves we have because of a late frost...I hope that doesn't happen this year. I think I'd run out with old sheets to cover them if we got a warning. Anyway...I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Take care Maura :)

Melissa said...

Maura, thanks for your well wishes for Sara Lynn. She's much better today and the strawberry is healing nicely.

I do hope your lilacs do well this year. I would definitely cover them if you have a late frost! I can hardly wait to get in my garden over the next couple of weeks. This is my favorite time of year (although I find myself saying that in the fall, too!) :) Melissa