Friday, February 19, 2010

Book Week in Blogland

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Did you know that it’s Book Week in blogland? I missed that memo, too. It’s not officially Book Week, but I can’t tell you how many book related posts I’ve read this week. I thought I’d play along.


We love books around here. Old, new, it doesn’t matter. My children inherited most of the books from my childhood, and we add to the collection almost every week.


I purchase the bulk of our books in thrift stores for $0.25 - $3.00.


I never mind spending money on books. I look at it as a sound investment in our mental health. Seriously. I encourage my children to ‘build good, strong brain muscles.’ 


For books I can’t find used, I usually purchase them online at and utilize the super saver (free) shipping. I can usually buy books online for half of what they charge in the bookstores.


I found these new sewing books for under $5 each at and had them shipped free of charge. They list for around $20 each elsewhere!


This organic gardening book is one of my favorite thrifty finds. It is full of good information that I’m sure I’ll reference for many years to come.


I like the layout here: lots of tables and plants are arranged alphabetically for easy referencing.


I also do quite a bit of ‘pleasure’ reading.


This one is next in line.

we love books

Daniel’s favorites are the Magic Tree House series (there’s a link in my sidebar if you’re interested) and the Hardy Boys. If you have an 8-year-old boy (or there abouts) I highly recommend them.

And for those of you who are interested in my research progress on the antique singer sewing machine, I'll have a post next week detailing my discoveries.  I’m having a great time with this project!


Berit said...

So sweet of you to take time to comment on my blog; I think you should definitely embroider some tea towels; I've had it in my head to add some "Charm" to some handmade handkerchiefs for a couple of years now. But..All I did was buy the cotton to make the handkerchiefs. And blanket-stitch 2 by hand... One has a half-finished apple and the other one has a pikachu (which IS done, but came out too nice to use!)

My work really isn't much; if you want to see something incredible you have a look at "World's Largest Collection of Smalls". (google). There are 2 of them and you can just browse through and see what all the members are posting.

Books are the best, although as I live in a small place I've had to become CHOOSY about what I buy. The kindle, and the library are lifesavers (though I'm often late on returning things!!)

Seems like I've been talking up children's books ALL WEEK (and here's why; didn't know about book week). In a few years your SaraLynn (SP? My apologies) will be old enough for Elizabeth Goudge's "The Little White Horse" and you should check it out in the meantime if you somehow missed it growing up! :D


P.S. Really enjoyed your bread-making post.

melissa sews said...

Berit, thanks for the good info! I'll definitely be checking out those groups. I know what you mean about not wanting to use your work. Sara Lynn snagged some of her mommy-made pants not long ago and my heart hurt! Oh, well.

And I hadn't heard of "The Little White Horse". I'm sure Sara Lynn (nice job with the SP!) and I will enjoy it. :) Melissa

melissa sews said...

Berit, one last thing... those late fees are what deter me from using our local library more often. It seemed like I was paying every time I checked out a book! We are about 20 min. from our nearest library, so it wasn't always easy to get them back on time. We do still go from time to time, though. The kids enjoy it.

Ann said...

Since I learned to read I've always enjoyed it. It's a great escape as well as learning about any subject under the sun!!! I can't imagine not having proper books, I don't want one of those electronic ones. I still have my son's books from his childhood and one of my own from when I was a girl.