Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let’s make bread

 1 Wondermill and spelt

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to Kim over at The Inadvertent Farmer for recommending this grain mill to me.           I love it! (She has a great bread making tutorial on her blog, so pay her a little visit if you’re interested.)

I purchased my grain mill on eBay from hhdynamics, who deals exclusively with WonderMills. They also service them, should you ever need some help with your mill. I chose a refurbished one with the full warranty and saved $50 compared to the cost of a new mill.

I also own the manual version of The Family Grain Mill, but I wanted a mill that would be quick and easy to use on a regular basis. My WonderMill certainly fits the bill!

1 Pouring grain

It’s really fun to use. Sara Lynn loves to help. But beware, it’s pretty loud!

2 milling

I draped a towel around the edges of the flour container to keep flour dusting to a minimum. It worked well.

3 fresh whole wheat flour

We were so excited to mill our first batch of whole wheat flour!

3 SL and flour

It was impossible to keep Sara Lynn’s little fingers out of the fresh, warm flour.

4 SL hand print

She ended up making a few handprints while I milled up some spelt. (Don’t worry, I made her wash her hands before we started!)

5 dough in Kitchen Aid

I adore my Kitchen Aid mixer. I thought about buying the KA adapter for my Family Grain Mill, but I don’t want to overwork my beloved machine. It kneads my bread for me, so it works hard enough as it is.

6 Messy  kitchen

My friends, it caused me a bit of panic when it was time to clean the kitchen up.

6 messy, messy kitchen

I really should have washed those dishes before I decided to make bread!

7dough rising

After pinching off dough for rolls, and setting them aside to rise, I decided brownies would be good, too. (And I wasn’t quite ready to tackle the kitchen clean-up just yet. I had to work up to it!)

8 brownies too

So, I whipped up a quick batch of Sue Gregg's brownies. I hate to admit it, but these weren’t my favorite. This is the first of her recipes that I wasn’t crazy about. I like a nice chocolate-y, chewy brownie when I have one, which isn’t often. These were kind of dry and bland. Typical health food fare. What did I expect?

I’m going to try these next time.

9 fully risen rolls

Now, Sue Gregg’s whole grain bread dough is awesome! I use it for rolls, sandwich bread, and cinnamon raisin bread. It’s the best bread recipe I’ve ever tried.

10 dinner

I also realized at 7:00pm that it might be nice to actually eat something with our bread for dinner. I can get a little carried away sometimes! Making bread is so much fun.

11 clean again

And I didn’t even mind that it was 9:00pm before I had the kitchen back in order. But boy, was I tired!


Ann said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as a grain mill that you could use at home, that's amazing!

You certainly have big plans for your garden, that's a lot of seeds. I sewn some tomato seeds and I've got them on a window sill but that's all so far.

I enjoyed the trip to Pine Level :>)

melissa sews said...

Well, Ann, you're ahead of me! I haven't yet started any transplants. I need to get on that. I usually start my peppers and tomatoes indoors so I can get a head start, but everything else I just plant seeds directly in the garden. I may start a few flowers to transplant this year, too.

inadvertent farmer said...

Yeah!!! So glad you like far as the noise if you cover on while grinding it cuts the noise down.

I'm just pulling breadsticks out of the over, yum

melissa sews said...

Thanks for the tip, Kim! I'll give that a try next time. My poor husband was trying to watch the evening news when I milled my first batch! And Sara Lynn was a little scared. It honestly wasn't as bad as I expected. No louder that a shop vac, really.

the inadvertent farmer said...

My hubby frowns when I grind in the evenings too! The kids like it now but the baby used to be scared of it and cover his ears and run from the room. Which is strange considering how loud he can be, lol! Kim

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello again Melissa!
You know..Hubby and I were just looking up grinders about a month ago...perfect timing to see this post. I'm going to look these ones up and show hubby. Mmmm your buns look delicious and so did those's been a while since we've had one! What a wonderful view out your kitchen window...paradise. Enjoy your buns if there's any left and have a wonderful Friday.
Maura :)