Friday, February 26, 2010

In Progress: Kitchen Renovation

Sourdough and Kitchen Before 001

We have had a little kitchen renovation project in the works around here this week. We knew when we bought this house that the bathrooms and kitchen would need some updating. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed this little kitchen. But there are some things we wanted to change to make it more functional for us.

Kitchen Before

Here is the before shot. It’s the day after we moved in. You can see we had a modified L-shape kitchen with a wrap around peninsula.

I have so loved the little bar area and bookshelf combo where the kids have eaten their breakfast and snacks. The problem was that it made the kitchen seem small and cramped, especially when we have guests.

Sourdough and Kitchen Before 007

So, the little bar is gone, and we’re trying to decide the best way to go from here.

Sourdough and Kitchen Before 009

We both love the look of natural granite, and it’s durability. We’re just struggling to justify the cost at this point. I won’t miss those old Formica laminate countertops in the least, but I’d like to make an environmentally sound and affordable choice. We’re undecided as to what we’ll end up doing. The cabinetry is in excellent shape, so we’ll refinish those. The countertops are proving to be our biggest expense, so we can afford to splurge a little here. I keep telling myself that granite will never need to be replaced.

Sourdough and Kitchen Before 010

We’ve also decided that a kitchen island is a must. I need the extra work and storage space. If possible, we’d like to rework the old peninsula to serve this purpose. It’s always better to use what you already have - it saves time, money, and waste. Although, I’m not sure how this particular repurposing will turn out. The peninsula is still rather large for the space. We’re going to try modifying it this weekend.

Sourdough and Kitchen Before 011

I’m really liking the way this kitchen has been opened up. It seems SO MUCH LARGER even though it hasn’t grown an inch. Traffic flow issues have been solved.

kitchen island

And I love this kitchen island. I have in mind to do something similar for our own. I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband who has many skills. We’ve never had to call a plumber or electrician. He’s an excellent carpenter, too. I look forward to seeing what he designs for our little kitchen.


Stacey said...

2 things I thought about reading your post:
1: have you seen the concrete counter tops? they are really gorgeous, I have no Idea of cost though
2: can you put your peninsula on wheels so it moves nearer or farther away and maybe swing out for a more open area say during busy kitchen times, Christmas etc... ?

I am loving the patterns for the stuffed animals that you sent we started them last night,, we had so much fun picking out fabric!
Thanks for sharing!

melissa sews said...

Stacy, I have seen the concrete countertops, and they are gorgeous. However, they cost about twice as much as granite!!! I was shocked to find this out.

And that island will most definitely be mobile. I thought about wheels, but I can totally see my kiddos taking advantage there. I've opted for 'feet' so that it will be more like a piece of furniture. It will be a little harder to move, but in this household, that's not necessarily a bad thing! I appreciate your input - I need all the help I can get around here. :) Melissa