Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A VERY Good Gift: Antique Singer Sewing Machine


Oh, my! This machine makes my heart skip a beat every time I look at it. Seriously.


The woodwork on the cabinet alone is enough to make me swoon.


And I have no idea how to use it… yet.


Just look at this beauty!!!


It is powered by a foot-pedal. Sigh.


I don’t even know what model Singer this machine is…


But I intend to find out.

Just how did we survive before the internet? I *heart* Google.  You can find out about pretty much anything by doing a little search online.


I am a happy woman. I am a blessed woman. That wonderful man of mine certainly knows how to give a good gift, doesn’t he?


And I got some gorgeous tulips to boot. He knows me well enough to know that I prefer practical gifts. Flowers I can plant in my garden, and not cut roses that will be thrown out in a week’s time. A sewing machine that doesn’t require electricity. That might come in handy some day. You never know when you might be without electricity. We believe in being prepared.


Ann said...

Wow - that is a fabulous machine and the cabinet is amazing!!! The first sewing machine I had was a manual Singer with the long shuttle. Yours makes a fabulour piece of furniture.

inadvertent farmer said...

Ok...very few things give me big cases of the 'wants' but darn if I don't want a machine like that! It is sooooo much prettier than my serger, sigh.

Please enjoy and keep us up to date on learning to use it...and if you get tired of it I'll trade you a camel for your little antique, lol! Kim

melissa sews said...

Thank you, Ann! I think so, too. I'm going to enjoy looking at it everyday. I've parked it prominently in my living room. Now, if I could just keep Sara Lynn's little hands off of it! ;-)

Kim, I just LOVE your sense of humor. Although, if you didn't live on the other side of the country, my hubs might take you up on your offer! We're in the market for a few farm animals of our own. But I have to say, I'm thinking more along the lines of chickens and goats. :)

Berit said...

That is DEFINITELY the prettiest singer I've ever seen! I especially love the scrollwork on the wood at the front (seen in the last picture) for the center piece (not the drawer fronts, though those are nice too). *Very* Art Noveau!!

Please keep us updated as you find out what model/year it is and on your adventures in using it. :D

melissa sews said...

Berit, I will certainly keep you updated with what I dig up on this machine. I'm planning my next post around all of the research I've done on it. I appreciate your interest! :) Melissa