Friday, March 6, 2009

Chicks... have I lost my mind?

Well... maybe I did lose my mind. But regardless, we are now the proud owners of 8 of the cutest newly hatched chicks you've ever seen! The kids already adore them and have been checking on them repeated to make sure that all is going well in their little box.

We decided on Light Brahmas, Rhode Island Reds, Black Australorps, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and Auracanas. Araucanas have been dubbed the "Easter Egg Chickens" because they lay eggs in assorted shades of blues and greens. I can hardly wait to see those eggs!

Baby chicks are surprisingly simple to care for and will be ready to live in their new coop in about 5-8 weeks... which reminds me, we have to decide on a coop design! I think we've decided to build one similar to this and we should be able to get started on it this weekend. According to the weather person, temperatures should be near 80 degrees. I'm getting warmer just thinking about that sunshine and fresh air!

Completely changing the subject - I dropped my most prized coffee mug and broke the handle off last week. I was quite disappointed. This mug is fabulous. Ceramic. Insulated. Beautiful. And it kept my coffee hot for the entire 30 minute commute I make to work each morning. Bummer.

I found a replacement here, but I just can't convince myself that I need another mug when I have other (albeit inferior, drippy, and stainless steel) mugs in the cabinet. I've actually been using my broken (but still fabulous) mug anyway.


HeathersSphere said...

Cool blog, Melissa! I also nominated you for the "sisterhood award" at my blog "SEWspicious Minds". Cheers, Louella

Ann said...

Wow, that's great Melissa - I look forward to seeing your hen-keeping progress!!!