Monday, March 2, 2009

I just won a great giveaway!

Okay, I always enter giveaways, but I never win anything. That is until today! I just won the most amazing dress for Sara Lynn from Varenia over at Play is the Thing. It's called the "Ruffler Dress."

Isn't it amazing? Varenia is the mother of four beautiful young children, and she manages a thriving Etsy business in addition to her household. Her designs are fresh, simple, and modern. The fabrics she selects for her pieces are always fabulous.

Check out her Etsy shop: Whole Grain Baby

The picture above was taken by Varenia of her daughter modeling the Ruffler Dress. Too cute!

1 comment:

Ann said...

That's a lovely prize you won Melissa!

I love your thrifty finds, the pie plate is a great find, I enjoy thrifting more than buying new!

Glad your veg survived the bad weather, I was reading today about the snow your eastern places have had, we expect it next I think.