Monday, March 30, 2009

Mystery Garden Thief

I am pleased to announce that my garden is off to a great start. It won't be long before we're enjoying an abundance of fresh produce just steps from my back door.

We have our garden area seperated from the rest of the backyard so that our puppy dogs don't wreck our hard work. However, Cocoa manages to sneak out of the gate once in a while and he heads straight for the garden - little tyrant! That would be his puppy paws trailing by my strawberries in the photo above.

I can blame Cocoa for alot of things... like chewing up my favorite pair of Crocs and the handle to my grill brush, and for gnawing on my firewood and picnic table, and for utterly destroying his cozy pet bed we bought for him. (Good grief! This dog is really bad about chewing things up.)

But, I can't blame him for this. Some little garden thief has been nibbling on my strawberries. Evidence above.

I noticed it this morning. I picked the violated strawberries and disposed of them, hoping that would be the end of it. But, whoever/whatever it was came back for more this afternoon. This means war! I promptly dug up my strawberry plants and placed them in hanging baskets.

They are now hanging happily on my fence, and I do hope that whatever it was can't climb fences!

I'll be keeping an eye out for it... Wish me luck.

We love strawberries around here.


Ann said...

Hope you find out what has been attacking your strawberries Melissa! I'll be interested in hearing what it was! Your veg are coming on really well, still too cold here to do much.

Anonymous said...

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