Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dickies Goodness

Dickies 1 

It  took Daniel only 4 weeks of school to ruin 4 pairs of pants. In the fall, I bought good quality khaki and navy dress pants for him to wear to school everyday. I actually turned my nose up at the stiff, double-knee uniform pants that were selling side-by-side with the dress pants. I was beyond disappointed when I had to iron on patches to the knees of every single pair of pants Daniel wore.

 Dickies 3

This is our first year to wear uniforms, so I just didn’t know how hard boys can be on dress pants. Sure, dress pants are great for church, but not for school. The past two years Daniel has been able to wear denim jeans everyday, and they are ideal for boys to play in. But this year, I’ve learned a valuable lesson:

Skip the dress pants, and go for the Dickies!

Dickies 4

It was actually my husband’s suggestion that we try the Dickies. He remembered having some of his own when he was young.

These Dickies are built to last from sturdy twill with a double knee for extra protection. I purchased them online in a 2-pack for $12.50 per pair and wasn’t sure if I would be happy with them, but I was desperate to find pants that would hold up for the rest of the school year. As soon as I took them out of the box, I knew these were just the pants I’d been looking for…

Dickies 2

No more ripped knees!

And so far, no staining or fading. I pretreated this stain with Shout, and washed in warm water as usual. They came out looking good as new and I couldn’t even tell where the stain had been.

Now, Daniel can play until his heart’s content, and I can rest easy knowing that these pants are up to the challenge.

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Chiot's Run said...

Always pays in invest in quality! I buy Smartwool socks for the same reason, they outlast any other wool socks by years (I've had a pair for over 6 years).