Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things of days past, treasured once again


Sara Lynn’s Montessori school is located in the historic district of our city. Gorgeous, antebellum homes and restored shops, parks, and a cobblestone street dot the landscape. Just the place where you wouldn’t dream of passing up an estate sale.

China Cabinet

My dear Aunt gave me this China cabinet, which I love, but I did not have any China at the time. It sat empty for a while, but no more. I found the perfect china at said estate sale (paid only a fraction of what it’s worth) and I am so happy to have it in my home!


I also found this beautiful old spinning wheel destined to become my own. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s small, with intricate woodwork even my husband appreciates. And it’s in good working condition, so if the need or opportunity arises, I can make my own thread. My MIL gave me this old meat grinder that has been in the family for generations. And yes, it works, too.

I’m a practical kind of girl. I like to surround myself with useful things. You never know what you might need one day. And I almost always buy secondhand. Saving money and getting the best possible deal make me feel good about my purchases.

China helper 2

I had a lot of help getting the china cleaned up and displayed. I have to watch out for her now… she often sneaks a cup and saucer to her bedroom to play tea party when I’m not looking!

China helper 

It’s a good thing she got her own tea set for her birthday.

mason jars 

I also fell in love with this modified Hoosier cabinet/pie safe, blue mason jars, and old cheese box.

cheese box

Whoever owned it before lovingly lined it with fabric. I like to imagine the homemaker to whom these items once belonged. How she would have baked her pies in a wood burning stove, and placed them in the top of the cabinet. How she would have stored her eggs and cheese here in the days before refrigeration. I can almost see her now, with an apron around her waist and a smile upon her face.

I find that most of my peers desire things that are new and shiny and modern. Me, I prefer things from days gone by that have character.  Especially pieces that are given to me by loved ones. Pieces with heritage. Pieces made in times that were slower paced, when craftsmen really took time and pride in their work, and made furnishings that would last generations.


The Mac's House said...

Those are wonderful finds. It is a good thing that she has her own tea set as I could see you walking into the room to find all the china placed all over the floor for an elegant lunch for her and her friends. :)

Great job!

My Grandmothers home is filled with antiques that I would LOVE to get my hands on so they wouldn't be sold by the relatives just looking to cash in for the money.

Those holes on the side are for the eggs? How cool is that....

melissa sews said...

I, too, think those little egg holders are pretty nifty. If you were collecting your own eggs from your own chickens, you wouldn't necessarily have egg cartons. Now that is a practical, well crafted piece of furniture.

Estate sales are kind of sad when you think about it. I can't imagine choosing money over the antique treasures of my loved ones.

inadvertent farmer said...

Oh how I love old things...those canning jars rock! What beautiful treasure you've found, Kim

Ann said...

Wow, you had some fabulous finds, I love everything. I have a tea service that belonged to my mother's aunt. The kitchen cabinet is a really good one, it looks well made and good quality. I bet your new home is looking lovely.