Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quilting supplies are here!


I was so excited when my package arrived from Create For Less.


It was packed to perfection. I’ve never seen a package so meticulously organized and carefully secured with air bubbles.


And the contents were enough to make any crafter’s heart skip a beat! Amazingly detailed quilting books for under $5 each, and patterns starting at .99 cents. Check out their clearance section people! Orders over $100 ship for free.


I spent more than a little while perusing the goods. And I guess I’m all out of excuses, I’ll have to finish that quilt now!


I ended up with everything I need to complete my first quilt:

505 Spray and Fix (easier than using safety pins to baste)

Warm and Natural Batting (full size – I bought 2!)

Laundry Basket quilt templates (for use later – they were cheap!)

2.5” Binding Buddy template

Coats and Clark machine quilting thread (must be purchased in increments of 3, but excellent pricing)

Several patterns and quilting books


I spent my morning soaking up sunshine and got a little head start on my spring cleaning. All of the bed linens, winter quilts, blankets, and rugs are washed and clean. Clothes that no longer fit the children are being sorted into piles for Goodwill and friends who can use them. For me, this is a good time of year to do a bit of purging. Time to simplify. It feels great.


If you would like to receive a copy of this oh-so-fun pattern, Animal Friends by Valori Wells Designs, just leave a comment on this post. I’ll choose a winner on Friday, January 29, 2009. International comments are welcome here. (I’m thinking of you, Ann!)


Ann said...

I wasn't going to put you on a spot by leaving a comment and maybe having to mail internationally but then I had to chuckle when I saw what you said at the end!!!

That's a fabulous lot of supplies you purchased, there's nothing nicer than admiring new crafty stuff :~)

nic@nipitinthebud said...

Hi Melissa, I'm a blogging friend of Ann's and I feel bad now that I'm reducing her chances of winning your giveaway. But I can't resist that gorgeous animal pattern book so needs must :o) At least we're in the same country so we could always share!
Off to catch up on the rest of your lovely blog now...

Barbara said...

What a fun book. Put me in the drawing please!!! hugs. Barb

Stacey said...

I absolutely love this idea. I think I would love to make a few for door sitters. And I can't tell you how many of my close friends are having babies before fall... I like the bird and my kids were looking and loved the others. how adorable!
Thanks for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi I am new to your blog I enjoyed it a lot. I am happy to see a consincise mother. Who loves to do such homey things. The smiles on your kids faces reflect the thought you put into thiere lives. My granddaughter went to a Montissouri school and also loved it.

Karina said...

wow, what a wonderful pattern book. i wasn't thinking to participate at first but i love to make toys:)