Friday, January 22, 2010

Favorite Places: Montgomery, Alabama


If you ever find yourself in Montgomery, Alabama, do yourself a favor and head on over to Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall. It’s one of my absolute favorite places to treasure hunt.

favorite places 17

But, before you decide to hit the three vast floors that make up Eastbrook, you’ll need a little sustenance.

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Just a few doors down lies the best authentic Thai restaurant on the planet. The Green Papaya.

Favorite places 1


Favorite places 2 

Fabulous spring rolls with sweet peanut sauce.

Favorite places 4 

The most amazing Tofu Pad Thai you’ll ever put in your mouth. It’s a local legend.

Favorite places 7

When you’ve had you’ll fill, you’ll be ready to walk it off on the best antiquing adventure our city has to offer. Eastbrook is comprised of hundreds of “booths” where locals offer their goods for sale.

favorite places 9

My favorite booth is #67, pictured above. It is stuffed to the brim with books. Hardbacks are $3, and paperbacks are $1. Heaven!

Favorite places 10

You never know what you’re going to find. Check out this unique tea cup and saucer.

favorite places 11

Take a closer look. A geisha is revealed when it is held up to light!

favorite places 13

A crate of old vinyl records.

favorite places 15

Beautiful vintage silver buttons.

  favorite places 19

I loved this old stoneware windmill.

favorite places 37

And I longed to bring this French Country china home with me. I’m usually just admiring the goods. Window shopping. Such fun!

favorite places 23 favorite places 25

An old tapestry pillow. And a rooster lamp that would have looked right at home on my sewing table. Don’t you think?

favorite places 26

More gorgeous china and old books. Sigh.

favorite places 27

It was unbearably hard to resist this sweet birdfeeder.

favorite places 29 

Old baby carriages, dolls and a doll quilt, and toy oven.

favorite places 34

Have you ever seen one of these? It’s a mourning ring. So sad.

favorite places 36

More lovely china. I really like the square plates and the colors.

favorite places 30 

It’s rare that I leave without a few books, but this day I exercised incredible restraint. I’m waiting in line with my single treasure.

favorite places 31 

Two dollars for a beautiful framed and embroidered landscape? Sold!

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Ann said...

That flea market and antique mall look incredibly interesting! I love going around these type of places. I wish I could get rid of all my stuff each year and replace it with new finds LOL!!!!

About energy levels, I find that with time management, plodding along and not procrastinating I get loads done, more than a lot of these rushing around types. I just have to be careful to limit activities outside my home. I take a vitamin B complex too, I think that has helped. I'm glad you've realised this at a younger age than I did :~)