Friday, January 29, 2010

Sewing up a storm


My quilt making progress was interrupted this week. But I didn’t mind one bit. These super-sweet rustic bears were a cinch to sew. It truly doesn’t get any easier than these.

I’m so tempted to sew on button eyes and embroider a curvy bear-ish smile and cutesy nose! But they’ll have to stay naked for a little while longer.


This Sunday at church, our children will be painting faces on theses bears and they will be distributed to a local children’s home. The Adullam House reaches out to children in our area whose parent(s) have been incarcerated, and they have many children living there at any given time. The needs are always great, but several local churches sponsor this amazing ministry.

Its important for us to realize that there is mission work to be done right here at home, as well as abroad. It’s also important for our children to be involved as we reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves. They are growing, and learning, and being shaped by their experiences each and everyday.

Okay, it’s time to get off my soap box and get on to the sewing…


I love seeing a big pile of fabric scraps!


And having the not-so-fun part of cutting behind me. (I must confess that I never enjoy the cutting.)


My favorite mug was filled many times. Sometimes coffee, sometimes tea.


Now this is fun!


Lots of little bears took shape this week.


And because I’d been a really good girl, a piece of Farmer Kim’s Apple Cake was my reward. Yum!

I’m so glad that the sweet lady who put this project together chose an easy pattern. I feel another beginner’s sewing tutorial coming on. Details are in the works and will be posted soon. This is an excellent pattern for a child’s first sewing project.


Ann said...
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Ann said...

The cutting out is always the worst bit. I have a pair of Fiskar's scissors that have a spring in them so it makes cutting much easier, they are worth the investment.

Looking forward to receiving the pattern!!!

The weather here is still cold but no snow or ice, it's between 28F and 34F, today there is a very cold, biting wind, so I won't be outside!!!

Ann said...

P.S. It was me removed that first comment, the spelling was bad - sorry!