Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Farmer Kim’s Apple Cake

  Making Farmer Kim's Apple Cake

This is one of those recipes that you taste and know immediately that it will become a staple on your breakfast table.

Kim, you’re a genius in the kitchen. This stuff is seriously good.

Recipe here: Farmer Kim's Apple Cake

organic eggs

Delicious apples and organic brown eggs.

sunshine yolks

Just look as those sunshine-y yolks.

helping hands

The only substitutions I made – 1 cup demerara cane sugar instead of white sugar (we avoid white sugar, this is healthier), and pecans instead of walnuts. This cake is made with whole wheat flour and very little oil (which you could substitute for butter) so it’s really quite good for you.

 oven ready

Ready for the oven.

dirty dishes

Now, if only those dishes would do themselves…

apple cake 034

Oh, but it was so worth it! And really, this is an easy recipe. An apple corer/slicer makes light work of the apples.

Go for it! You won’t be sorry.


Ann said...

That cake looks delicious!!! Are the eggs from your chickens?

I think I'll try keeping seeds in the freezer this year, I keep mine in the greenhouse so I expect it's the fluctuations in the temperature that prevents them from storing well.

melissa sews said...

Ann, I'm sorry to report that Cocoa broke into our hen house just before we moved. We lost all our girls. It was so sad.

We're in the process of building a fortified chicken coop now. Hopefully, we'll have fresh eggs of our own this spring. For now, I purchase my eggs through the same CSA that sends us veggies.