Monday, January 11, 2010

Not quite skate-able…

We awoke this morning to find our pond frozen over.

frozen solid

It was quite a thrill to the little ones (and big ones, too), even if we can’t break out the ice skates just yet. Chances are it will not have the opportunity to firm up enough for skating… this is Alabama after all. And this is the coldest air we’ve experienced in over a decade.

frozen pond 002

I suppose we’ll have to settle for skipping rocks and hearing that funny little sound they make as they bounce across the ice.

frozen pond 003

And seeing just how heavy a rock the ice can support.

frozen pond 004

Oh, yes. Much fun for the big kids and the little ones.

frozen pond 009

As for me, I’m content to hibernate until this arctic chill decides to pass.


Ahhh… That feels better.

You can find me snuggled up right over here for the next little bit.

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