Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fresh Out of Bed

My son has been getting used to life without school days. Summer Break. Kid Heaven. Every morning, he gets straight out of bed, puts his clothes on, and heads out the door. He's a busy boy. He catches frogs, plays on the fort, jumps on the trampoline, rides his bike, and has kid company over. He's a handsome little fellow, isn't he? I made him slow down just long enough to flash his pretty smile at his adoring mommy.

They grow up so fast. I'm struck by how tall he is from time to time. Where did my little baby boy go? He is maturing into a considerate and caring young man. I pray over him at night where he can hear me. I often pray (pretty much every prayer)that he'll grow up to be a man of God. When he was about 3-years-old, a friend of mine casually asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. He very seriously told her, "A man of God." I love that boy. My cup runs over.


varenia said...

he sure is handsome!!! i bet he's loving summer, but does he miss school or his classmates? my son will start kindergarten in the fall, and i'm so curious to see how he'll view summer after being in school all year, right now he doesn't really get the concept that it won't "always" be summer :)

melissa sews said...

I must say, there were a few tears shed as the end of school approached. He was most worried that he'd never see his teachers again. Once we'd reassured him that we would return in the fall, he was okay with the break.

Unfortunately, alot of the students at our Montessori school were in Montgomery on temporary military assignment. We may never see most of them again, and that was hard for all of us. Montessori has been WONDERFUL. I feel like we were all one big family raising our kids.

It also helped that we enrolled him in a summer program at our church for 2 days a week. It gives him (and me!) a little structure. Other than that, he's happy being a free bird.

aima said...

He is so cute; you must be proud. It sounds as though his day is even more busy than when at school.

How lovely that you pray for your son and family. Prayer is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give any body and I am sure that the Lord has heard you prayers and will do great things in your son's life as well as bless and protect him.