Monday, June 9, 2008

Crazy Little Fruit Tree

We inherited this crazy little fruit tree when we bought our house. The previous owner told us that it produced three kinds of fruit: apricots, peaches, and something else (I forget.) I didn't believe her until this spring...

When it produced peaches (1st photo) and apricots (2nd photo). I haven't identified a third fruit, but I'm still looking. Everyday, Daniel asks if he can he try a peach. Finally, I relented and let him sample the first fruit of the season. It was still a little sour, but in another week or so, they should be perfect.

I'm sorry about the lack of sewing related posts lately, but I just can't seem to find the time. I'm spending my days trying to soak up every moment I can with both of my children knowing that this season will only last a short while.

Daniel's t-ball team has been in 2nd place this season, and tournaments have just begun. We're also in the midst of Vacation Bible School at church. The theme is "Game-On!" and we're having so much fun learning and laughing together. God is good!

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Aima said...

It is amazing how one tree that produce different fruits. Is it some sort of hybrid, I wonder. I so much like the idea of having a garden with lots of fruit trees.

Like you as well, I have not had any time to sew anything in the last week or even write a post. But I am hoping to do a little something this weekend.